When Interior Design Becomes Part of a Business Strategy

As part of your business strategy, you should always take into account the way you relate to customers or partners. The office premises act as your business card, each time a new prospective customer walks in. Even if you have rented out a stunning location, this may not be enough to create the perfect environment for your business growth: you need the right furniture, lighting, and home decor accessories.

The Lobby – From Waiting Room to Welcome Area

The lobby usually features a reception area and a waiting area, where people may sit for a few minutes, but in some cases, even longer. That’s why it’s crucial to place comfortable sofas and chairs, together with side tables, a magazine holder, and an umbrella stand. You can find neat ideas on websites such as Royal Design, where you will also be able to choose from a large selection of decoration items and lighting options.

Private Office – But Clients are Welcome

More than any other place, your private office should reflect your personality and welcome the visitor with a decor where details are as important as the whole. If the visitor has to sit in front of you, choose a chair that is comfortable enough and place an empty side table nearby in case he/she has an office bag or any other item. Don’t forget to hang nice and exciting artwork, such as high-quality prints, on the walls. Especially if it’s your first meeting, take into account that art is a great conversation starter!

The Conference Room

The conference table, together, with an adequate number of chairs, are the two main elements in a meeting room. Still, as usually happens with interior design, the difference lies in the details. Depending on the amount of natural light, you will have to place ceiling spotlights or lamps. The meeting table has to be well lit to foster concentration. For each attendee, place a drinking glass, and a stylish cup for tea or coffee, on a small tray. A person that feels comfortable and welcomed is more likely to get into the right mood, and that is going to be beneficial both for him and for your business.